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How to Grow a Successful Pharmacy? 6 Things Owners Should Keep in Mind

Becoming a pharmacy owner is not the easiest thing in the world. There will be a lot of papers to sign, people to meet, and money to spend. Your strong advocacy to provide effective medication to the public is not always the strongest drive to help you survive this harsh industry. Expect hardships and sacrifices. … Continue reading

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3 Types of Hazards Pharmacists Are Exposed to

Every employee is exposed to different hazards in the workplace. These hazards vary from one type of work to another. Some are at greater danger while others are exposed to fewer risks. Nonetheless, the safety of the employees and the success of the employer’s business would depend on how they cooperate with each other to … Continue reading

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Things You Need to Know About a Specialty Pharmacy

It’s probably true that most of us only know one kind of pharmacy our whole lives. Pharmacies are those that sell our medical needs from gloves to prescription drugs. As years go by, generic pharmacies have a hard time providing all the necessary drugs needed by patients. Because diseases and health conditions vary in levels … Continue reading

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Things to Remember Before You Start Your Own Pharmacy

Taking the risk to leave the employment world and start up your own business is never an easy task. Many times, you will fail and many times you will experience some drastic detours. But what matters is that you are focused on your job and you are determined to get what you want. If you … Continue reading

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7 Skills Pharmacy Assistants Should Have

Unknown to many, being a pharmacy assistant is not that easy. It is a job that may save lives if administered properly, and ruin lives if wrongly delivered. Though committing mistakes at any workplace is normal for any employee, the case of a pharmacy assistant is different. After all, lives are on the line here. … Continue reading

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